INBLF digital roundtable graphic header featuring Nancie Marzulla Arnie Lutzker Larry Ebner


Recently, Nancie Marzulla joined fellow INBLF attorneys Larry Ebner and Arnie Lutzker in a conversation about their organization, the International Network of Boutique and Independent Law Firms (INBLF). The roundtable was hosted by Larry Ebner, founder of Capital Appellate Advocacy law firm in Washington, D.C.

“Since we are located in the nation’s capital, and so many of our members have strong backgrounds in federal agency and government experiences, our chapter is uniquely situated to assist other INBLF members with issues involving  federal regulatory agencies, the Supreme Court or another federal courts in D.C., or federal legislation pending in Congress.”

That was one quote by our partner Nancie Marzulla in her discussion with Larry and Arnie – both of whom are members of INBLF’s Washington, D.C. chapter. Nancie is the D.C. chapter president of INBLF, a worldwide network of boutique and international law firms. Arnie, a founding partner of Lutzker & Lutzker, is now president of the worldwide INBLF network.

As Larry stated, the “INBLF is a unique network of highly experienced boutique law firms—small firms that focus on one or two discrete areas of practice—spread across the United States and Canada. The INBLF network also partners with leading, independent, multi-discipline law firms throughout the world.”

Visit Larry Ebner’s Capital Appellate Advocacy website to read the full roundtable discussion.