They’re coming for your water! If you want to hear more about your water rights and federal takings, please join Nancie Marzulla and her legal colleagues, Hertha Lund and Charles McFarland, next Thursday when they will be discussing the increased pressure for governmental entities to take privately owned water rights at the Eminent Domain ALI CLE conference in Nashville. They will also be talking about issues that arise in these contexts and the rights of the water rights’ holders when facing a taking of their water rights.

The panel—Water Rights and Takings—is scheduled for next Thursday, January 23, 2020, at 11:15 a.m.  In addition to this, conference planners, Robert Thomas and Joseph Waldo, have scheduled two full days of outstanding topics on eminent domain—such as Basics on the Right to Take and Anatomy of an Appraisal–that make a trip to Nashville more than worth the effort.

If you can’t manage to attend in person, you can also sign up for the live video webcast.  Check out all the details about the conference here.