Audrey Yost is a paralegal in our office in Washington, DC. She focused on pre-law in her undergraduate studies. We have been happy to have her as part of the Marzulla Law team for the last year. 

What do you particularly enjoy about working at Marzulla Law? 

I particularly enjoy the ability to work very closely with the attorneys and partners and the collaborative atmosphere. Working at a boutique firm has allowed me to learn quickly and play a bigger role in the office even after only a few months of joining the team. I’ve really enjoyed making relationships with our clients as I have gotten more involved in the cases and enjoy how every day looks a little bit different.    

What have you gained from pursuing a career in the legal field?

The legal field allows you to develop many skills that can apply to multiple careers. It has intellectually challenged me and made me more diligent and knowledgeable about legal theories and case law. What interested me most about Marzulla Law was that we mostly practice in the US Court of Federal Claims, which has allowed me to learn more about damages arising from governmental actions. Working alongside two partners with decades of experience in litigation has been invaluable for my first job in the field. 

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the legal field?

I would say to be open-minded, willing to learn, and not be afraid to ask questions! One of the best ways to learn is to ask those who were in your position once, and there’s no harm in asking because it can help to ensure you are completing a task correctly.

Did any of your college coursework stand out? What appealed to you the most? 

I decided to add on Pre-Law as a minor during my sophomore year of college, and that’s when I really got interested in the legal field. The Pre-Law minor allowed me to take classes such as Legal Careers and Professional Development, Legal Research and Writing, and American Judicial Process, which allowed me to learn preemptively about the legal field before starting my job here.  While having a Pre-Law minor isn’t necessary to start a career in the field, I found it extremely helpful, and I was grateful to have improved my legal writing skills before starting my career.

If you could live in any other time period, what would it be? 

In another life, I would have wanted to be Rachel Green from the TV show Friends! Friends is my all-time favorite TV show. 

What hobbies do you have outside of work? 

In my free time outside of work, you can find me in a spin class, cooking my favorite pasta that I make too many times a week, on a walk around Capitol Hill, or on my weekly Trader Joe’s grocery run to grab some flowers.

Favorite vacation spot(s)?

My favorite vacation spot is Steamboat Springs, Colorado. My family has a condo and I have been going since I was little. We are a huge ski family, and my favorite part of the year is when my siblings and I take our annual week trip to ski! 

What is your favorite part about living in Washington D.C.?

I moved here just a little under a year ago and I love that there is always something to do. I am from Omaha, Nebraska, so it has taken some adjusting but I have loved the East Coast so far. I’m lucky to have some great friends from college that live here as well, which has made it such a fun city over the past year and feel more like home. I’ve really enjoyed living closer to the beach and everyone in DC is very friendly!

What is your favorite movie? 

I love a lot of comedies and feel-good movies, but The Proposal is my all-time favorite.