Recently my partner, Roger Marzulla, and I took a break from the already chilly days in Washington, D.C. and headed to Seaside, Florida, where we met up with our friends and colleagues for a three-day event with our colleagues and members of INBLF, an international networking and referral organization.

Seaside, Florida turns out to be a charming, planned community of lovely cottages, shops, and terrific restaurants. And did I mention the beach? The private beach reserved just for Seaside is a wide expanse of powdery, soft sand adjacent to warm (even in November) water.

The INBLF conference, November 4-6, 2022, was well-attended with members from all over the globe, and the meetings and topics provided opportunities for great exchanges about common challenges we all face in the practice of law today.

Many thanks to all at INBLF who helped plan, organize, and execute this wonderful in-person event!