Marzulla Law Intern Program

A Hands-on Introduction to the Legal Field

For many years, Marzulla Law has welcomed talented college students as interns in our offices. These interns are generally accepted through The Washington Center, a Washington, DC-based educational nonprofit that provides internships to university students and young professionals from across the United States.

Unlike many internships, we take pride in providing genuine professional experiences to our interns. At Marzulla Law, they participate in the process of practicing law, assisting with document preparation, research, writing, and communication with the court system, and more.

In most cases, Marzulla interns work in our offices Monday through Thursday, with time spent in the classroom on Friday and on some evenings. We host approximately half a dozen interns each year. In their time with us, they are able to pursue their interests in the law, experience what a successful legal career looks like, and establish a path toward their professional future.

One thing we find gratifying is that the experience that our student interns have at Marzulla Law confirms and clarifies their interest in the law and public policy. Some interns have joined us full time as paralegals in order to deepen their experience. Others have further pursued their education in graduate school. Whatever their journey, we are pleased to play a part in their professional path.

Here is what some of our past interns have had to say about their experience with us:

“My internship at Marzulla Law has already expanded my knowledge of the legal field and given me useful experience I will carry with me throughout my career.”


“Working at Marzulla Law this semester has been one of the most challenging, yet fantastic experiences in my young career. The dedication shown by members of the team here to go above and beyond their roles is both admirable and motivating.”


“Coming into my internship at Marzulla Law I was still very indecisive on whether I still wanted to pursue a career as an attorney, but after the incredible experience I had at Marzulla my interest in the legal field only grew, and I truly fell in love with it.”


“Working at Marzulla Law as a judicial intern has given me invaluable litigation experience. I’ve been given complex tasks that have honed my research, writing, and analytical skills as a law student and future lawyer.”


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