Breach of Trust Claims

Marzulla Law is one of the nation’s leading law firms for breach of trust claims against the federal government, helping Native American Indian tribes in their quest to remedy decades of federal government mismanagement of their lands, resources, and assets. Our Native American Indian tribes have a rich culture and heritage but have endured a centuries-long struggle against injuries and injustices. Marzulla Law has made it our mission to defend their rights with experienced, skilled legal counsel. Here is a case study involving a breach of trust claim:

  • Goodeagle v. United States / Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma v. United States: For over four centuries, the original inhabitants of the region where the Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers meet, known as the Quapaw, have endured numerous hardships, abuses, and inequities. The Tribe was eventually removed to Oklahoma and the U.S. government has been the trustee of the Tribal members’ lands and other assets. An accounting of the government’s management of the Tribe’s assets determined that the government had breached its fiduciary duty. READ MORE »

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